Welcome to the Arabic Language Web site

Here you’ll find some useful resources to help you to understand the Arabic Language better. It’s spoken by over 220 million people over the world in many different countries. As the arab world grows in terms of economic, the language’s importance grows. Though you can now trade from home with the Quantum Code, you will have to visit a specific country to create really strong relations with your partners there so knowing a word or two won’t hurt.

From the History to useful phrases, we’re trying to offer a general overview about the language in order to give you a way to get started in Arabic learning. We do NOT aim to write all about Arabic Language, it is almost impossible to achieve :-). But we DO want to hear from you suggestions to improve the site and offer you the content YOU consider more useful. Please fell free to contact us.

For a quick start up please see our Arabic Words section. Just after you can take your first steps into the grammar, but it’s just an overview, if you want to take it more seriously, you’ll have to study many years. The Arabic literature is another interesting source of information, as well as Arabic slang, to know a little about how people speak in the streets. And if you’re a teacher, please visit our Arabic Teaching resources page, to get in touch with associations and other sites built specially for you. You’ll find also links to Arabic language schools abroad

Thanks for visiting us. All the best !

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