Language is an inextricable part of human society. As the world is changing fast and more companies than ever are doing business in several countries around the world, they hire people globally who can speak at least one foreign language. Even when trading with Quantum Code a foreign language could be needed as there are traders from all over the globe.

Learning a second language opens up a ton of opportunities. Arabic can be a real boost for careers in international organizations as it is one of the six official UN languages and it is the official language of the twenty-two countries which form the Arab League. It is a native language of over two hundred million people living in the Middle East to Northwest Africa which is also known as Arabic world.

How to learn the Arabic Language?

In terms of language typology, Arabic fit into the Semitic family of languages. There is nan emerging market of teaching material concentrating on communicative language. Here are the steps you should follow if you are interested in learning this language:

  • It is important to decide the type of Arabic you wish to learn. Colloquial Arabic, Classical Arabic and Modern standard Arabic are the options that you might have to choose from. As the name suggest Modern Standard Arabic is used across the Arab world. It would be a better option to choose if your interest is restrained to one certain country.
  • The Arabic language is written right to left and in terms of writing several languages use the Arabic alphabet. Learning alphabets and usage of the dictionary will help you a lot to understand the language much better. Words in Arabic dictionaries are normally listed under their three-letter roots.
  • To learn this language there are many options like online classes or self-tuition courses. You may opt for traditional books-and-cassettes courses too.
  • Language classes are good options if you have time to attend them. Part-time evening classes are perhaps the most accessible option. The Arab diaspora spans at every corner of the world and the best options would be to practice your Arabic with someone who speaks this language.
  • Pay attention to basic sentences. Knowing even a few words opens doors.

Arabic – Primary Language for Business in Dubai

Last year in May, an initiative was launched by the Department of Economic Development (DED). As per this initiative, all commercial establishments across Dubai should use Arabic as the main language in invoices and receipts. It extended even to reception and call centers as it was insisted that they should also use this language as their primary language.

The initiative was in accordance with the directives of rulers and administrators of Dubai to make UAE a center of brilliance in Arabic language and make every effort for reinforcement in business to make sure of best customer satisfaction. It has been made obligatory for businesses to use Arabic as the core language on menu cards, invoices and price tags, in addition to any other language of business owner’s selection, by the new initiative by the DED’s Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP)

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