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Arabic Language

Arabic slang. Moreover, you will find other useful resources about Arabic like words, schools, Arabic literature and more

Arabic Slang

Arabic Slang developed from classical Arabic. It differs from Classical Arabic in that it does not use the rules of declination and it has sounds that do not exist in standard language.

Nouns and Adjectives

geher: beautiful
Kosha: old
Semoaa: young
obreeza: police
anasi (feminine): woman, lady
keefic (greeting):hello (egyptian)
yel-la: hurry!

Iraqui Slang

Shlonkom?: how are you all?
zen/zena [M/F]:fine
Shako mako?: what’s new?
Kulshi mako: nothing new..


Shonak?/Shonik? [M/F]: how are you?
Kafe al haal ?: how are you ?
Alhamdo lillah: thanks God
Safiya Dafiya: everything is fine (literally means: sunny and warm)