Words in Arabic

Knowing some words in different languages might be the difference even between winning and losing money. That’s why before trading with Option Robot read everything about it in all the languages you know. This will make sure you won’t fall for scams and lose money that you and your family need.

Basic Words

Yes: na,am, aiwa
No: la
Hello: al salaam a’ Laykum/marhaba
Hello: (reply) WA alaykum al salaam
Good Bye: ma salaama
Why?: lain?
Who?: meen?
When?: mata?
How?: kaif?

Days of the Week

Saturday: al sabat
Sunday: al ahad
Monday: al ithnain
Tuesday: al thalatha
Wednesday: al arba
Thursday: al khamees
Friday: al juma
Today: al youm
Yesterday: ams
Tomorrow: bukra, ghadan
After tomorrow: baad bukra
In the morning: fe al sabah
In the afternoon: baad al dhuar
Tonight: fel al massa


Bread: Khubz
Breakfast: Iftar
Dinner: Ashaa
Lunch: Gadaa
Coffee: Qahwa
Fish: Samak
Milk: Haleeb
Onion: Basal
Orange: Burdukali
Salad: Salata


Black: Aswad
Blue: Azrak
Brown: Jauzi, Buni
Green: Akhdar
Grey: Ramadi
Purple: Urjuwani, Banafsaji (violet)
Red: Ahmar


Brother: Akh
Daughter (of): Bint
Father: Ab
Grandfather: Jadd
Grandmother: Jaddah
Mother: Umm
Sister: Akht
Son (of): Ibn