Kratom leaves are extracted from Mitragyna speciosa trees. These trees are widely grown in South East Asia. These leaves are in red, green, and white strains depending on the color of their vein. In this article, we are going to dive deep into the Red variety, the Red Dragon Kratom.

Red Dragon are of Thailand origin and grows deep in Thai dense forest. They look more or less same as Red Thai and their properties are also somewhat similar.

The leaves of the Red Dragon kratom are of red veins. They contain the right amount of minerals and alkaloids. Some of the widely present alkaloids are mitraphylline, mitragynine, paynantheine, and speciogynine. These alkaloids treat arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and other inflammatory conditions. In all, the Red Vein Dragon is a potent herb that boosts energy, relieves pain, and strengthens the immune system.

Red Dragon Kratom Effects

Red kratom is known to have a most impact compared to the green and white variety. However, Dragon Red Vein have similar effect like caffeine and can be use daily as well. If taken in right dosage, the effect of Dragon Red Kratom is the nootropic effect.

It helps in increasing concentration, mental sharpness, and reducing confusion. Kratom Red Vein Dragon shows both sedative and stimulant effects depending on the dosage.

Here’s a detailed list of effects and benefits of Kratom Red Dragon.

  • Treats chronic disorders

The alkaloids present in Red Vein Dragon Kratom treat joint diseases, multiple sclerosis, low back pain, shingles, nerve damage, and panic disorders. The unique quality of the red vein dragon is that it helps with opium addiction treatment.

  • Relief from insomnia

A lack of sleep leads to a high risk of kidney failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure. A good night’s sleep of 6-8 hours is a must.  The Red Dragon Kratom contains several laxative agents. They help one to calm down the nerves and have a good sleep.

  • Boosts your energy

Low energy levels often make one feel lethargic and this might be happening frequently. The first thing is to eat the right amount of calories to stay fit.  Consumption of Red Dragon can make the user feel energetic. It will further help the user to indulge in more physical activities.

  • Acts as a Muscle Relaxant

If you are suffering from any muscle pain or inflammation then, the Dragon Red Kratom is for you! It is known to have significant analgesic power. It blocks the pain stimuli from reaching the brain. Thus, it gives relaxation benefits and mood boosts.

  • Acts as a Panic and anxiety reliever

People suffering from social anxiety issues can benefit the most from the red dragon. It calms the nerves and reduces restlessness. Thus, increases mental focus and confidence to conquer all your fears.

Red Dragon Kratom Dosage

The recommended dosage of Red Kratom Dosage depends on factors such as size, weight, and tolerance. It is known to have powerful effects and might not be suitable for everyone. Your body will give you signals if it is not for you.

Red Vein Dragon should be taken in small doses of 2 to 5 grams. For beginners, a dose of around 1.5 grams should be good. You can mix it with grapefruit juice, chocolate milk, or orange juice to sweeten its taste. It is advised to be taken on an empty stomach for evident results.

Overuse or high dose of Dragon Red Vein can affect your system. It can impair the normal functioning of the stomach and brain causing dizziness and sedation.

Where to buy Red Dragon Kratom

The demand for Red Dragon is growing exponentially. Red dragon kratom is becoming more and more popular, leading to many suppliers holding the stock. In case, if you are finding ways to buy genuine kratom products, this list will help you in doing so!

BKN Kratom

  • BKN Kratom tops the list of online stores supplying high-quality red vein dragon products.
  • They outsource their all products directly from farmers from their origin countries. For example, in case of Red Dragon, they would get the supply from Thailand.
  • The products are certified and fit for consumption as they have passed lab tests.

US Kratomind

  • US Kratomind has been into the kratom industry since long and has earned enough reputation.
  • Their cost varies depending on the size of packs ranging from $10 – $80.

Kratom Capsules

  • As the name suggests, they are not only well versed with red dragon Kratom capsules but also powders.
  • They offer premium products. The best part about them is that they provide free shipping.

Kratom Crazy

  • A Canadian brand consists of a wide range of products. Their products are affordable and effective.
  • They also provide a 100% money-back guarantee in case you dislike the product.

Valkyrie Botanicals

  • Valkyrie is a US brand selling genuine red dragon kratom products.
  • They ship to Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Alabama, Indiana, Arkansas, and Vermont.
  • Depending on the size of the pack, the products cost anywhere from $7 to $84.


Red Vein Dragon is not available in plenty and so this can be considered rare kratom strains available online. However, the product is not expensive and comes cheaper than its peers Red Thai Kratom. It is natural and safe as it does not have added chemicals. The red dragon Kratom is treating people suffering from anxiety, pain, and depression. If you are consuming the herb in recommended doses, you will be guaranteed to get positive results.

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